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Tattoo design ideas from zodiac symbol tattoos to Chinese symbol tattoos, from feather tattoos to Aztec tattoo art and every tattoo design and symbol in between. All your ideas for tattoo designs in one place!

Are you looking for inspiration with your choice of tattoo? Would you like to know more about that tattoo before you get inked? If so, you are in luck, this site gives you the story behind all the famous tattoo symbols and many of the less well known also! Take your time and have a good look, I won't be talking about any possible advantages or disadvantages of tattoos or lecturing you about being careful with your decision.

You came here looking for tattoo design ideas and that's what you get! Enjoy yourself.

Astrological Tattoos and Zodiac Symbol Tattoos.

If zodiac tattoo symbols such as a unique Libra sign tattoo or Aquarius tattoo design is something that might appeal to you check out the story behind the various symbols such as Gemini zodiac tattoos in the section on Zodiac Symbol Tattoos.

If you are looking for a more oriental flavour and would like to know more about the story behind some Chinese symbol tattoos you might find what you need in the section on Chinese Symbols Tattoos.

Another area of tattoo design that has something to offer are feather tattoos. These are not as popular as other designs but they should be, as there is a significant Native American cultural story attached to Feather Tattoos.

The ancient culture of the Aztecs also provides a rich cultural context to tattoo symbols, particularly the Sun, as can be seen in Aztec Tattoo Art. Aztec, Native American, Zuni and Egyptian cultures also had a great appreciation for the symbolic meaning of feathers as can be seen in some of the most popular Feather Tattoos. Astrological tattoos play a very significant role in designing tattoos and offer a vast array of choices.

One of the most popular tattoo design ideas are cross tattoos. These designs offer a wide range of options from Christian to Gothic to Celtic. The range is vast and you can discover the story behind many of these tattoos on our page about

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cross tattoo designs.