Gemini Zodiac Tattoos, Gemini Tattoo Art

Find Gemini zodiac tattoos that perfectly symbolize everything that is a Gemini. Gemini tattoo art lets you adapt and personalise your very own zodiac symbol tattoo until it perfectly represents all that is you!

Zodiac Symbol Tattoo Design Ideas

Gemini Tattoo design ideas symbolize those people born between May 21st and June 20th. The zodiac symbol tattoo for Gemini is the figure of twins or in glyph form it is two upright Lines connected by a horizontal line at the top and bottom. These are known as the Pillars of Gemini. Both symbols represent twins. These twins are Caston, a human son, and Pollux the immortal son of Zeus.

Those born under this sign are outgoing, cheerful, inquisitive and full of life. Always on the look out for something new and always open to new ideas. Gemini is forever looking for new paths to follow.

zodiac symbol tattoos use various images of the twins

The reverse side of this also applies. Because of Gemini’s obsession with shiney new objects and ventures they are easily bored and at times hyperactive. Always flitting from one thing to another Gemini’s can be hard work.

Because of Gemini's fascination with chasing the new things the people in their life are often neglected. Gemini's can be very self-centered and can be emotionally shallow. Very often this trait makes it difficult for a Gemini to maintain a relationship, new challenges excite them and often causes problems for them on the relationship front.

Gemini Zodiac Symbols Tattoos

Symbol = Twins, The story behind gemini zodiac tattoos as well as tattoo design ideas

Gemini Astrological tattoos use the following astrological symbolGemini astrological tattoos symbols use the twin pillars to represent the gemini twins

Element = Air

Ruling Planet = Mercury is the ruling planet of the Gemini zodiac sign and this is its astrological glyph or symbol merucry is the ruling planet of the Gemini zodiac sign and this is its astrological glyph or symbol

Opposite Sign = Sagittarius

Polarity = Positive

Quality = Mutable

Favorable Colors = Yellow

Luck Gemstone = Agate

Metal = Mercury

To personalize your own tattoo design ideas for Gemini consider using the favorable color yellow with the brightness of color that Agate provides.

Famous people born under the Gemini zodiac sign

These famous people born under the zodiac symbol of Gemini would surely have or had very interesting Gemini zodiac tattoos include. Johnny Depp, Tupac Shakur, Anne Frank, Red Adair, Tim Allen, Josephine Baker, George Best, George Bush Snr, Naomi Campbell, Jacques Cousteau, Adam Smith, Donald Trump, Walt Whitman.

Chinese character tattoo for Gemini

Chinese symbols tattoos for gemini use these chinese character tattoos