Japanese Koi Fish Tattoo Designs Ideas

Japanese Koi fish tattoo designs are full of symbolism and are among the most highly regarded of all Japanese tattoo designs. Discover why the Koi fish is so important and get some tattoo design ideas from our images.

One of the most highly regarded and beautiful Japanese tattoos are the Koi fish tattoo designs. Although its origins are in China the Koi fish is perhaps one of the most symbolic of Japanese tattoo designs due to its associations with manliness within the Japanese culture.

These associations with masculinity can be traced back to ancient China. A Chinese legend tells the tale of how any Koi fish that was successful in reaching the top of Dragon Fells on the Yellow river, would then be transformed into a dragon. This climb to the top and the transformation into another creature is said to symbolize determination to advance, succeeded and achieve change in personal circumstances.

In japanes tattoos the koi fish tattoo designs are among the most revered of all tattoos

The Koi fish tattoo is also especially popular in Japan in it’s bravery in climbing waterfalls and its cool acceptance of death is greatly admired. Some claim that the Koi fish waiting death from a knife is similar to a Samurai warrior accepting the possibility of death from a sword.

In Japanese culture those traits are viewed as being very masculine and very worthy. Japan has a national day in honor of each son in a family.. This festival is known as Boy’s Day. The symbol of the Koi fish is the most often used symbol used on flags to honor the occasion.

Koi fish tattoo designs are often used in association with symbols of water. It is safe to say that Japanese Koi fish tattoo symbolize higher achievement under adversity due to bravery, determination and hte attitude of never giving up on achieving your dreams. The Koi fish itself is very colorful and this also adds to its appeal when considering choices for tattoo design ideas.