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Find Leo tattoo designs that best represent who you are. The background story and images of the tattoo lion Leo, the normal astrological tattoos symbol for Leo and Chinese symbol tattoos for Leo. All part of our detailed section on zodiac symbol tattoos.

Zodiac symbol tattoos for Leo are symbolized by the Lion or a glyph for the lion. The glyph represents the lions mane, or its tail, or both. Leo tattoo designs represent those born between July 23rd to August 22nd.

The story and images of astrological tattoo such as the tattoo lion leo, part of our zodiac symbol tattoos section

A typical Leo is cheerful and outgoing. Loyal to a purpose or friends and determined to persevere. Because the sun is the ruling planet of the Leo zodiac sign, they are a bundle of energy and like to be at the centre of everything.

Leos have a fondness for the better things in life and like to be pampered. They make loyal friends and not afraid of hard work.

On the reverse side Leo tattoo designs would also reveal someone who is quite vulnerable underneath all that bluster and show-offing. A tendency to say what people want to hear rather than need to hear often leads to awkward moments further down the line. Because Leo tattoos reveal a person who likes to be centre-stage, it also means that Leos can be hard work for their friends.

In relationships Leos love to be in love. They also love all the trappings and signs of love.

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Leo Astrological Tattoos

The astrological symbol that is used in astrological tattoos to represent the zodiac symbol of leo

Symbol = Lion

Element = Fire

Ruling Planet = Sun, The sun is the ruling planet of the zodiac sign leo, this is its astrological symbol as used in astrological tattoos

Opposite Sign = Aquarius

Best Color = Gold and Orange

Lucky Gemstone = Ruby

Metal = Gold

Polarity = Positive

Quality = Fixed

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Tattoo designs for the tattoo lion Leo could include your metal color of gold combine with this zodiac signs most favorable color orange with some ruby coloring to symbolize your gemstone.

Famous people that could have Leo tattoos are J.K. Rowling, Madonna, Halle Berry, Emily Bronte, Tony Bennett, Andy Warhol, Jacqueline Kennedy Onasis, Martha Stewart, Magic Johnson, Arnie, Napoleon, Sandra Bullock, Robert De Niro.

Chinese symbols tattoos would use the following Chinese character tattoo, chinese characters tattoo for tattoo lion leo

These are all the symbols that would be used in Zodiac symbol Tattoos,

All the astrological symbols used in zodiac signs tattoos